Home for all the code you can dream about! Well not quite. This page is to serve as a guide for new programmers providing my own path as reference.



Java is just my favorite language due to many reasons. Among those are:

  • Free: No cost to use it besides the computer you need to program on.
  • Resources: Lots of free resources online. I was able to be a self taugh programmer fairly easy.

The Basics

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Entry Level

Medium Level


Advanced Level

NetBeans Platform Cookbook


  • Javier A. Ortiz Bultrón
  • Miloš Šilhánek

Book provides frequently and rarely (too) used techniques and code fragments to quick insert code, create some artefact or solve problem by creating rich application using NetBeans Platform. The idea of this book is to provide collected information for quick search and eliminate searching information spread in several documentation documents. The developer saves his time.

It is assumed that the reader has basic knowledge how to create NetBeans modules, module suite and knows basic tasks – e.g. he can create an Action or TopComponent. Some recipes are actually basic but useful even for advanced readers to quick refer detailsof solution or copy the code template. The book includes explanation of philosophy and infrastructure and list of useful classes or methods where needed as well. This book is dedicated to developers who create a Rich Client / Desktop Application build on NetBeans Platform. It is not deep tutorial or some course (for it see other books listed below). This book is a cookbook. Its purpose is provide prepared solution of tasks or technology step by step, ensure you have made right code, technique, class or method usage, provide basic information and important details to the reader need not to look into the documentation, provide runable sources to illustrate each topic and enable copy code snippets into your code.

See the index here.


C#(pronounced as see sharp) is a multi-paradigm programming language encompassing strong typing, imperative, declarative, functional, generic, object-oriented (class-based), and component-oriented programming disciplines. It was developed by Microsoft within its .NET initiative and later approved as a standard by Ecma (ECMA-334) and ISO (ISO/IEC 23270:2006). C# is one of the programming languages designed for the Common Language Infrastructure. Continue reading “C#”


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