NetBeans: Setting up your programming environment

NetBeans is my suggested environment for various reasons:

  • Bleeding edge: Since it’s provided by Oracle it usually has available support for the latest Java technologies earlier than others.
  • Easy Setup: The setup is as easy as it gets. Their standard packages just work out of the box.
  • Price: Can’t get better than free, well I guess it could if you got payed to use it.

The easiest way is to download the JDK/IDE bundle. If you already have the Java Development Kit you can just choose one of the bundles on the main download page. Most computers will have the JRE installed by default.

See the section below on how to check if you have the JDK installed or not.

How to check if I have the JDK installed

Assuming you are working in Windows environment, checking whether JDK is installed or not is quite simple:

  1. Open up command prompt (cmd). If you do not find the command prompt application in the Start menu, search for it by typing cmd.
  2. Once the command prompt opens up (the typical “black screen”), type in the command javac.
  3. If your command prompt gets flooded with information about files and directories, BINGO! JDK has been successfully installed in your system.

Installing the JDK/IDE bundle

Download from this link. Click on the link that says NetBeans with JDK X.

Installing only the JDK

Follow instructions here.

Installing the IDE

Follow instructions here.